Website and Software development

INSTITUTE OF CORE EDUCATION new wings( software and website development)

come up with growing needs of e-Commerce consultancy for clients globally.  We are providing services, which cater the need from e-Business Consultancy, Secure Payment Systems, Logistics Services, Search-Engine Technology, Instant Messaging Software. With the state-of-the-art technology, we provide e-Business solutions to organizations ranging from service-oriented like Travel Agents dealing in Airlines Ticketing and Hotel Reservations, Import and Exports-oriented like various items / goods being imported and exported, the entire logistics, Manufacturer of PCs (Personal Computers) – selling on-line or getting new customers based on their e-Business web sites, Virtual Web Store – where one can select the manufacturer and get all details about each item being offered on the net and transact securely with high firewall and data encrypting technology. Booming e-Business brings along new concerns as far as transaction security on the net.  The most viable and possible solution or way out is standard data exchange protocols like SSL.  Recently new technology has replaced SSL with SET – Secure Electronic Transaction.  The concept of SET being utilized and implemented by our technical and development team for e-Business web enables applications.  This advanced cryptography and authentication method is widely getting popular in the Internet related business transactions. 

we  has a strong team of Web Application and development professionals.  Web related applications range from Static Web Site development to Interactive Web Site and E-Commerce solution under Windows and LINUX platform.

List of Application Software:


ContSys (Container Management System ) Specially for   Container Depot.



ClinicSys (Pathology lab Inventory System ) Specially for Religare Labs.



CallSys (Call Service Management System ) Specially for Service Industry.



AcademicSys ( Academic Management System ) Specially for Training Institutes.



TranSys (Transport Management System) Specially for Transport Industry.



DocSys (Doctor Clinic Management System) Specially for Doctors.



CRM (Customer Relationship Management System).



HotelSys (Hotel / Loge Room Booking System).



MachinoSys (Industrial Fan Manufacturing System).



CaliberationSys (Caliberation Management System).



CraftSys (Craft Manufacturing System).



CarSys (Car Rental System). Specially for Car Rental Industry

13)    JwlSys (Jewellery Management System). Specially for Jewellery Showrooms